ZANS is an animation tool for Z specifications. It is a research prototype that is still evolving. The ultimate goals of ZANS are: Currently, it supports the following features: A Z specification prepared for ZTC can be animated by ZANS withlittle or no modification. ZANS supports the Z syntax defined in the second edition of ZRM


The documentation for ZANS tool includes a tutorial and a technical paper. Both are available online as follows: These documents, soon, will be available in HTML format too.

Download site

The platforms supported are listed below. For each one of these, the complete set of files for ZANS tool, which includes examples, documentation files and precompiled executables can be downloaded by clicking one of the links: Please, when you download the tool, fill in the electronic registration form and submit it, so you can receive automatically any information regarding updates, bug fixes etc. The registration form can be found in Registration page.

Contact Info

For further information or if you wish to contact us, please send an email to fm@saturn.cs.depaul.edu

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Updated on Feb 25, 1998